BMX Pump Track

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The Pump Track is being used by all ages and abilities. The Pump Track User Group made up of local residents are continually having conversations  to see how the track can be made more accessible and increase its use, such as;

  • benches

  • bins

  • mud track 

​The User Group welcomes new members and ideas for the further development of the track and engagement with the community.

Development of the Pump Track

When the forum was formed in 2014 we looked, among other things, for a project that would be a legacy for the residents of Haverhill South, something they could be proud of that would be there for years to come.


It became obvious early on that a Pump Track was the clear favourite.


This track came from an idea conceived by, fought for, and realised by the residents of Haverhill South with the help and support of many people. Please enjoy the track, and treat it and the riders that use it with respect.

In partnership with Haverhill Community Trust and support from St. Edmundsbury Borough and Suffolk County Council, we commissioned Clark & Kent, who built the London 2012 Olympic Games BMX track. The track site is located between the Clements Surgery and Clements Academy School along Greenfields Way.

We officially opened the track on 1st December 2018, along with residents who have supported the project over the last four years. 

Join the Puddlebook Pump Track facebook group to keep up to date and get involved with the track. If you're interested in taking part in the Pump Track user group, we would love to hear from you. Email to find out more.


The Trust is really pleased that the BMX pump track is a resident-led project, as being rooted in the community means this is a great opportunity seized. The Haverhill South People’s Forum and Community Action Suffolk have done a great job and we are pleased to be able to help them make this project a reality.”

Colin Poole, Haverhill Community Trust

We asked the public what they would like and residents said they wanted to see an activity for young people. Something that was healthy, fun, for the whole family and also good for their wellbeing – Having a pump track ticks all of those boxes. As you can ride a bike, anyone of any age can enjoy this fantastic facility!

Darren Foreman, Haverhill South People Forum