Fly Tipping Prevention Project

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As a result of listening to local people we have devised a project raise awareness of the fly tipping issue and find out how it impacts upon people, how does it make them feel. Then we will look at the reasons people fly tip. are there barriers to the services that are available or is it that some need to know where their responsibility lies.

Community members have met with Councils, schools and housing associations to gain their support for our plan. 

The Plan:

  • To ask primary school children to draw a poster showing how fly tipping impacts them. Some of these posters are printed onto board and put up in areas where fly tipping occurs.

  • To promote local solutions to the disposal of large items at the Clements fun day 

  • Door knock and ask householders what barriers they face in the disposal of large items.

  • Support the community in tackling these barriers. 

Whilst our plan is in action we will listen to see where the community want to take the project onto. 

Clean up the Clements 

a community project 

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