Local Conversation

What would you do with over £300,000 to make Haverhill South a better place to live?
We are part of a national initiative called Local Conversations, developed by the People's Health Trust. The Local Conversations project enables local people to lead community development in our area using money raised by Health Intend, the local Health Lottery.
We believe that residents know their area best. They know what the community does well and what is needed to make it better. This project brings the community together to develop projects and activities that benefit the residents of Haverhill South. 
The Haverhill South People's Forum is made up of local residents who work together to lead the project. We listen to what the community wants and then we look for local solutions to make it happen.
For example, we soon found out that more activities are needed for young people. In particular, many residents told us that they would love a BMX Pump Track. Since then, we have been working hard to bring one to Haverhill South and hope to start building this summer!
3 priorities have been identified through our local conversations:
We've been busy asking residents for new ideas!

We want to make sure that we are developing and supporting projects that the community think will most benefit Haverhill South. From post-its to postcards, door step conversations to voting with lollies we have been up and down Haverhill South to listen to as many residents as possible. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the residents who have shared their brilliant ideas for community activities and projects with us.

Here are some of the ideas residents have most frequently suggested. The bigger the bubble, the more residents have asked for it:

Lolly-pop Poll

Residents also voted in our lolly-poll at the Haverhill summer events. Here are the votes so far:

What's Next?

Now it's time to put some of these ideas into action!


Across most of the ideas shared, we heard one main wish again and again: that Haverhill South wants more free or low-cost activities for children, youth and the wider community. Using the comments and ideas shared during our local conversations, we have created a program of community activities and events developed and delivered by local people. These include DIY craft events, where residents pass on their skills, cooking sessions, BMX coaching and a weekly Meet Up Mondays group. Take a look at our projects to find out more. 

We are also continuing to develop the BMX Pump Track, the community allotment and community grants

Come and help us do it: