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The Local Conversation Project has been building the capacity of the local community to work along side young people. Three local people have been trained up to Level two standard in youth work through the free courses offered by Community Action Suffolk.

Whilst undergoing training our youth workers are gaining experience by working along side the Haverhill Town Councils youth worker team and are mentored by Jay one of the Community Development Workers for the project. Currently our youth workers are doing detached and ut reach youth work.

Detached and Outreach youth work 

Detached youth work practice targeted at young people on their territory (streets, parks, open and shared public spaces). Participation is voluntary and engagement is on the terms of the young people.

Similar to detached youth work, outreach is a form of youth work that takes place on young people's own territory and is a method of work that supports and compliments new and existing centre/project based youth work.

Hearing the voice of young people